Sunday, August 16, 2009

Chicago Air and Water Show

Like last year, the planes and jets in the Chicago Air and Water Show flew over our house! Last year, my husband got some great photos with a normal-sized camera and lens. This year, he had a huge telephoto, which got these amazing, up-close-and-personal shots.

This was taken over the trees that are taller than our roof. They did some really cool loops, all while staying in formation.

I really like this one. You can see the pilot inside the cockpit, and it looks like it's just releasing that smoke, or steam, or whatever, out the back. Though I think it had been going for quite some time.

This one is my husband's favorite, and I can totally see why. We enlarged this picture on our computer screen at home, and you can see the pilot looking at us! The kids were on the roof waving (and also covering their ears, even though we put cotton in them), so he probably got a kick out of that.

I'm looking forward to next year!


Nayuleska said...

That looks like great fun! Sometimes I can see balloons out my window (the large, human carrying kind).

Jennifer said...

That looks like a lot of fun! I love airshows, although I haven't been able to get to one in a long time. Those are some awesome pictures!

The Good Year blimp flew over my house once, but that's about the most interesting thing I've seen in the sky over a place where I've lived.

Anna said...

Amazing photos, thanks for sharing! These could be post cards or posters!

There was an air show this weekend in my city, too, and I posted some pics as well, but they're not nearly as close shots as yours. :-)

Kelly Polark said...

Very cool!
My sis watched some of it from the Cubs game!

C.R. Evers said...

Wow! Great pictures! I especially love how you can see the pilot looking at you in that one picture! Cool!

Tabitha said...

There was more of the show yesterday, but it rained off and on, so it was sporadic. Plus, it was the same show. I'm glad we got to see it on saturday.

Kelly, my aunt is a huge Cubs fan, even though she lives in Florida. She was watching the game on TV friday, and saw the jets. Then she sent me email asking what was up. :)

Danyelle L. said...

I have to admit, I was always bored when my dad took us to an air show. And now (since we live on base), the air show shall be directly overhead. It's amazing watching them fly in formation. :)