Monday, March 04, 2013

Fiction Fun: Jake, Stop That!

Here's a short story I wrote probably fifteen years ago. It's based on a true story of when my aunt was a kid. She had a cat named Jake, and he behaved pretty much like this...


San Diego, 1957
Abigail burst through the front door of her house. “Mom! Guess what? We got a kitten! And he’s the most wonderful kitten in the world!”
Mom laughed. “Then we’re lucky to have him. Where is he?”
“Dad’s bringing him in from the car.”
The front door opened, and Dad came in with a small gray and white striped bundle in his arms. “His name is Jake, and he likes to explore. He was so interested in what was under the seats that I almost couldn’t get him out of the car.”
“Hello, Jake.” Mom scratched him behind his ears. He purred. “Abigail, why don’t you show him your room?”
“Yes, and other important things,” said Dad, “like the litter box.”
Abigail showed Jake that the litter box was in the laundry room, the water and food bowls were in the kitchen, and her room was upstairs—second door on the right. Then Jake set off to explore on his own.
He discovered that the soft cloth covering the sofa was good for climbing, the laces on Dad’s boots were good for scratching, and the towels in the upstairs bathroom were good for napping. But what he loved most of all were Mom’s toes. Her toenails were always painted with bright colors, and as she walked they seemed to sparkle. Jake loved to stalk and pounce on them.
While he was indulging in his favorite treasures of the house, everyone seemed to call him by a new name: “Jake! Stop that!” He didn’t know what it meant, but he liked the sound of it.

Next week, I'll post the conclusion. Hope you enjoyed it!


LM Preston said...

So cute! Thanks for sharing.

Kelly Hashway said...

LOL. I bet a lot of animals think their names are longer than they actually are thanks to our "add ons". ;)

Unknown said...

Cute. Thanks for sharing

Unknown said...

I can't think of a better name than "Stop That!" :D

I miss my cat. When she was young, she was just that full of life, too.

Tabitha said...

Cats are *awesome*, aren't they? This story always cracks me up, so when I took a writing class fifteen years ago, I just had to use it for one of my assignments. :)

Katja Weinert said...

Sweet; thanks for sharing :)