Monday, March 11, 2013

Fiction Fun: Jake, Stop That! Part 2

Last week I posted the beginning of a short story I wrote about fifteen years ago. It's based on a true story from when my aunt was a kid. I thought I'd be able to post the conclusion today, but the story is longer than I remembered. So, here's the middle. Enjoy!

One sunny Saturday morning, Jake was trying to figure out how to get onto the fireplace mantle when a knock came at the door. Abigail opened it, and a man’s head popped inside.
“Hello there,” he said. “I’m from Encyclopedia’s Galore. Is your mother at home?”
“Um, yes.”
“Wonderful!” He stepped through the door and set a huge suitcase on the coffee table with a loud thunk.
“Mom!” yelled Abigail. “There’s some encyclopedia person here to see you!”
The man began to pull books out of his case, and something shiny peeked out from the cuff of his shirt. It appeared and reappeared, sparkling in the sunlight. This was even better than Mom’s toes! Jake crept behind a chair to get into perfect stalking position.
Mom came into the living room, wiping her hands on a dishtowel. Her brow knit into a tiny frown. “May I help you?”
“Hello, ma’am.” The man stood, smiling. “I’m Peter Finklestorm from Encyclopedia’s Galore, and I’ve got the nation’s finest encyclopedia’s here.” He swept his arm across the array of books on the coffee table, his wrist sparkling again. “And, today, they’re for sale at a price that can’t be beat…”
He went on talking, but Jake wasn’t listening. Mr. Finklestorm’s arm waved up and down, up and down. Jake would have to time it just right. As his arm went up once more, Jake sprang from behind the chair, leaping as high as his little legs could propel him. He extended his claws, bared his teeth, and wrapped his paws around that shiny gold band.
“Jake! Stop that!” yelled Mom.

Next week, I will post the conclusion. I promise. :)

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Unknown said...

Man, that Jake. He needs to be restrained. I wish I could share a video I took of a stray my daughter brought home. It was such a mischievous little thing. She liked frosting.