Monday, March 18, 2013

Fiction Fun: Jake, Stop That! Part 3

The last couple weeks, I've posted part one and part two of a short story I wrote about fifteen years ago. It's based on a true story from when my aunt was a kid. As promised, here's the conclusion (and the best part, imo). Enjoy!

Something grabbed the scruff of Jake’s neck and his legs went limp. The something let go, and he was falling. Jake kept his legs under him (as every cat knows how to do), landed neatly, and was back in the air again. That gold band wasn’t going to get away!
“Uh, nice kitty,” said Mr. Finklestorm. He tried to peel the cat off his arm again, but Jake wasn’t letting go!
“Jake! What are you doing?” said Abigail.
Mom snickered. “I’m—” She covered her face, trying to hide a smile. “I’m terribly sorry. He’s still a kitten, you see.”
“Yes, yes of course.” Mr. Finklestorm finally managed to dislodge Jake, then held him with one hand while he packed up his books with the other. “Thank you, uh, for your time. And, uh, here is your…kitten.”
Abigail took Jake, who promptly tried to launch himself at Mr. Finklestorm’s wrist again.
“Yes, um, have a good day!” Mr. Finklestorm scooted out the front door and down the sidewalk, his long legs swishing furiously.
Mom burst out laughing. “Well, Jake, you’re a good cat to have around when pushy salesmen invite themselves inside.
Jake was sad to see the shiny band go.
A week later, another knock came at the door. Jake hid behind the sofa. Maybe the shiny gold band was back!
Mom opened the door this time, and a different salesman smiled at her.
“Good morning, ma’am! I’m from Encyclopedia’s Galore, and I’ve got the nation’s finest encyclopedia’s here. May I come in a show them to you?”
“Oh, no thank you. We’ve already been visited by your company.”
“Oh?” The man’s eyebrows raised. “We don’t have any record of a visit to your home.”
“Oh, yes, we’ve definitely had a visit. But, you see, our cat ate the last one.”
She nodded at Jake, who calmly licked his paw.
“Ah, I see.” He cleared his throat nervously. “Well, have a good day then.”
Mom shut the door, giggling.
Jake was disappointed. He was hoping for another gold band to play with. Oh well. At least he still had the sofa, shoelaces, and towels. And Mom’s toes, too!

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