Thursday, October 14, 2010

The Magnificent Twelve: The Call by Michael Grant

Twelve-year-old Mack MacAvoy suffers from a serious case of mediumness. Medium looks. Medium grades. Medium parents who barely notice him. With a list of phobias that could make anyone crazy, Mack never would have guessed that he is destined for a more-than-medium life.
And then, one day, something incredibly strange happens to Mack. A three-thousand-year-old man named Grimluk appears in the boys' bathroom to deliver some startling news: Mack is one of the Magnificent Twelve, called the Magnifica in ancient times, whatever that means. An evil force is on its way, and it's up to Mack to track down eleven other twelve-year-olds in order to stop it. He must travel across the world to battle the wicked Pale Queen's dangerous daughter, Ereskigal—also known as Risky. But Risky sounds a little scary, and Mack doesn't want to be a hero. Will he answer the call?

I read the first book in Michael Grant’s Hunger series, and it was a bit too much for me. I’m hypersensitive to kids getting hurt (this happened after I had kids of my own), so that series is just too disturbing for me.

The Magnificent Twelve, however, is the exact opposite. Fun, campy humor runs throughout the story, giving it a lighthearted tone and putting a perpetual smile on my face. The mix of Mack’s phobias with his general lack of reasonable fear makes for a hilarious combination. It also turns the story upside down when one of Mack’s phobias gets in the way of progressing the story. Very cool.

If you liked Whales on Stilts by M.T. Anderson, you’ll definitely like this. The humor is very similar, but the humor isn’t quite as ‘out there.’ Still funny, though, and I can see boys of all ages tearing through these pages.

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Bish Denham said...

Cool. I like Whales on Stilts.

Tabitha said...

Then you'll definitely like this book. It's silly humor, but not quite as 'out there' as Whales on Stilts.

Natalie Aguirre said...

I've heard great things about this one. I'll have to read it soon.

BTW, I accidentally submitted another entry for the giveaway contest. Just disregard it.