Sunday, November 30, 2008

Final NANO Update

Well, I got over 15,000 words written. Considering how much went wrong this month, I'm pretty happy! :)

I hope everyone had a great Thanksgiving! I was supposed to post pictures of the cake my oldest son wanted to bake, except there aren't any. He changed his mind from baking a cake to making his favorite vegetable: okra. Yes, okra. Who am I to argue with that? :) So there are no cake pictures, because there was no cake. But, christmas is coming and I've promised a cake that looks like a present to a good friend of mine. Those pictures will be forthcoming... :)

On a complete different note, we took our boys to the circus for the first time yesterday. Aside from it being a little too long, they loved it! My youngest was dancing and clapping in his seat the whole time - it was really cute. :)


Brenda said...

Okra, huh? He would get along with my MIL...she loves Okra! grin...

Congrats on your word count for did great!!

Can't wait to see the pic of the present cake...I can barely get the cake right, so I don't even attempt to make it look like something other then a lopsided cake with a mess of icing...grin...

Happy Holidays!

Jacqui said...

Okra instead of cake? Aak! I may have to go bake a cake just to rebalance my world! :)

Congrats on your NaNo success! 15,000 is also 15,000 more than most people who say they want to write, you know?

Kelly Polark said...

15,000 words is still pretty darn good!
I wonder if my kids have ever tried okra...

Ann Bryson said...

15,000 words in a month is amazing! Congrats!

We just went to the circus for the first time (It was my first time too!), and loved it! Except for the 7 motorcycles in a cage part. That was too scary!

Sheri Perl-Oshins said...

Great job Tabitha! Was NaNo a good experience for you?

I've never had okra! What does it taste like? How do you make it?

Anne Spollen said...

15,000 words - that's terrific! I could do that too, ya' know...I could, it's just that your words probably make sense, follow a plot and all that stuff ; )

My daughter lives for yams. So I know -- she asks for them at every birthday meal. But yams are one thing since they are sort of sweet; okra is a food out of a fairy tale. Very cute though.

Jim Danielson said...

If I could write 15,000 words in a given month I'd be dancing in the aisles!!! Great job.

Hmmm.... I think my kids must be too old for the Okra Generation.
For that matter, I'm definately too old. But you said cake??? That I like.

PJ Hoover said...

Congrats on NaNo and the Okra! And I'm looking forward to the present cake!

Tabitha said...

Brenda - thanks! And, yes, okra. My husband and I eat it fairly often, and my oldest wanted to try it one day. He's been hooked ever since. :)

Jacqui - LOL!! So did you bake a cake? :) And I'm quite happy with my word count, even though it's not as high as I wanted. I'm still further than I was in October. :)

Kelly - thanks! :) If you make okra for them, make sure it's cooked with plenty of spices, or at least some chopped tomato. The straight flavor of okra just isn't very tasty. :)

Ann - we went to the same circus! But the motorcycles were my favorite part! :)

Sheri - thanks!! :) Okra is not very tasty by itself, but if you cook it with salt, pepper, lemon juice, and maybe some chopped tomatos, and then it's tasty! It's goopy to cut up, though, so the secret is to buy frozen, already cut okra. :) If you try it, let me know how it turns out!

Anne - thanks! But I'm sure your 15,000 words would be plenty coherent. :) And yams are great! My boys won't eat them...Youngest nearly gagged. :)

Jim - yes, cake! If I can find a way to share it through cyberspace, I will.

PJ - look for pictures on saturday!