Saturday, July 12, 2008

Chat with Editorial Anonymous!

The Institute of Children's Literature is hosting a chat with Editorial Anonymous! The following info is from ICL e-news.

The blog-tacular children's book editor in disguise will be joining us to answer more questions about what editors want and how we can give it to them. To learn more about this stealthy editor -- check out

Some of you may have noticed that we still don't exactly have a chat room. So, we're going to do this chat a little differently. It's going to be a Writer's Retrat chat.Beginning FRIDAY JULY 11, you will be able to post questions for Editorial Anonymous in the WRITER'S RETREAT -- you may post questions on FRIDAY (July 11), SATURDAY (July 12) and SUNDAY (July 13). I will also add the questions that have come in via email.
You'll see the special spot for it. Just register and post your question. Next week, Editorial Anonymous will swoop in and answer your questions. When she's answered them all, I'll gather them up and create a transcript to post on the Institute website.

Remember, if you totally don't want to figure out the Writer's Retreat, you can still send questions for Editorial Anonymous, just drop an email -- but I will only take email questions until SUNDAY morning so I have time to post them all before the answers start coming in.


Editorial Anonymous said...

Actually the set-up of the chat has changed.
Instead of a continuous live chat, people are posting questions on the discussion board through Monday, and I'm answering as many as I can.

So that means it's going on now. Get over there!
(And leave some comments; it's really weird answering a question and getting no feedback.)

Marcia said...

Oh good, EA answered this. I found her Q & A's on ICL's board and was going to tell you.

Tabitha said...

Thanks!! I kind of skimmed over the latest newsletter, otherwise I'd have known this.

Thanks much to both of you for letting me know. The correct info is now up!