Saturday, April 28, 2012

Winner of the April Book Giveaway!

April is practically over, and it's already time to announce the winner if this month's giveaway!

Prize Pack #1:

Prize Pack #2:

So, the winner of Prize Pack #1 is...

Jaye Robin Brown!!

And, the winner of Prize Pack #2 is...

Kelly Hashway!!

Congratulations!! I'll get your books out to you as soon as I can. As for everyone else, come back next saturday to see what I'm giving away!


Jaye Robin Brown said...

Wait - I won books?
Is it too late?

jro (at) jrowrites (dot) com

Tabitha said...

Nope not too late. I've been immersed in revisions for my agent these past several months and haven't made it to the post office. I hope to send them out soon though.