Thursday, October 13, 2011

Galaxy Games: The Challengers by Greg Fishbone

Things are looking up for Tyler Sato (literally!) as he and his friends scan the night sky for a star named for him by his Tokyo cousins in honor of his eleventh birthday. Ordinary stars tend to stay in one place, but Ty’s seems to be streaking directly toward Earth at an alarming rate. Soon the whole world is talking about TY SATO, the doomsday asteroid, and life is turned upside down for Ty Sato, the boy, who would rather be playing hoops in his best friend’s driveway.
Meanwhile, aboard a silver spaceship heading for Earth, M’Frozza, a girl with three eyes and five nose holes, is on a secret mission. M’Frozza is the captain of planet Mrendaria’s Galaxy Games team, and she is desperate to save her world from a dishonorable performance in the biggest sporting event in the universe.
What will happen when Ty meets M’Frozza? Get ready for the most important event in human history—it’ll be off the backboard, around the rim, and out of this world!
Greg Fishbone is doing a pretty cool blog tour for his book, Galaxy Games. It started on October 1st and goes through the end of the month. With each stop at a blog, he gives a clue to the Galaxy Games Puzzle Contest. I'll be hosting his tour on the 31st--the last day of the tour, and the biggest clue of them all! So be sure to stop by.
For participating in the tour, I received a review copy in the mail, which my eight year old son promptly claimed it so he could read it. I managed to get my hands on it while he was at school, and I can safely say that this is a book that boys will love. It's campy, silly, fun, and I laughed out loud more than once. Though the summary focuses on Ty and M'Frozza, there are other main characters that play key roles. I thoroughly enjoyed this book, and so did my son. It's along the lines of Whales on Stilts by MT Anderson, but not quite as 'out there.' Definitely fun for the whole family.
I'm giving away my review copy (much to my son's chagrin...I promised him I'd get him his own copy), so if you'd like to enter, then fill out the form below. I'll announce the winner on October 31st, after the final clue is revealed in the blog tour.


cleemckenzie said...

Greg's book is super. I'd love a copy since I've got gobs of nephews. Enjoy Greg's website too.

Beverly Stowe McClure said...

This sounds like a fun book that my grandsons would love. Thanks for sharing.

Matthew MacNish said...

Tabitha. Now this is embarrassing. I know I know you from around the internet, but somehow I was not following your blog!

Thanks to the blogfest I've fixed that now.

Tabitha said...

Kelly - sure! It's a fun book to share.

Lee - sure is! And this is a perfect gift for nephews. :)

Beverly - also great for grandsons! :)

Matthew - somehow, you ended up following my personal blog, which I don't update regularly. I'm always over here. :) Glad to see you here!

S. L. Hennessy said...

Hey, came across your blog through the Pay It Forward blogfest. It's really great. Can't wait to hear more from you. Consider me a new follower.

P.S. That book sounds awesome!


Unknown said...

The book sounds great. Found you through the pay it forward blog hop. I'll be checking your site again. You have a new follower.