Thursday, November 12, 2009

Second NANO update

As of this morning, I'm at 25,364 words. Halfway there!

This same time last year, I'd only managed to write half of what I've currently finished. So I'm pretty proud of that. But my life last year was much crazier than it is now, so it's been easier to keeping to my writing schedule this time around. I still have things get in the way (like yesterday, today, next thursday, and the whole week of Thanksgiving), but I'm able to manage them better than I did last year. Which is a very good thing.

I'm also pretty happy with what I've written so far. There is an interesting thread on Verla Kay's Blueboards about what NaNoWriMo has taught you about yourself. It's really interesting to read about what others have learned.

What have I learned about myself? Well, I learned that I can be a pretty fast drafter. And, if I target specific areas of the novel, then the whole thing won't be suffering from lack of quality (just the untargeted areas :) ). So, I'm targeting the basic plot right now, and I feel I have a good structure from which to build the rest of the story.

I have also discovered just how much I love revision. I've always liked it, but I can't believe how much I'm looking forward to revising this novel once it's done. And NaNo is allowing me a quick venue to get the bare bones onto the page, and I am itching to put the flesh and bones on it once it's done. :)

So, how are the rest of you doing? And what has NaNo taught you about yourself?


Elizabeth Bradley said...

I'm not participating. But I'm happy to hear you're doing so well.

Christina Farley said...

Yeah for 25k. Wow. I'm at 8k but I've only been trying for 1,000 per day and that's proving difficult! Good luck.

I've found that doing these pushes really gets that first draft written. I write no matter what.

Lily Cate said...

Yesterday I hit 40,000 on my non-NaNo wip. I've been working on this first draft for about 6 weeks or so.
And what I've learned is, let it ride! When I'm on a roll, I need to keep it up, because when I let myself take a break, it goes from a day to a week to a few months way too fast.

Tabitha said...

I kicked butt today and am up to 33,232!! Yay!!!

Now I'm going to go collapse in a heap...

MG Higgins said...

33k! Wow! That's an entire MG novel for me. Congrats!

J.Tuttle said...

Yay! Congratulations!