Sunday, October 19, 2008

Spiderweb Cake

Yesterday was a Fall Festival at my oldest son's school. It was huge! They brought in a petting zoo, had pony and camel rides, games to play, even a haunted house. Let me tell you, most haunted houses are on the ridiculous side...not this one! We ended up not going because my youngest took one look inside, and said "I don't want to go in there." Then he turned and walked away. :)

I donated some sweet stuff to their bake sale. I made two dozen cookies, and four layer cakes. Three had this design:

I took a better picture, but it's on a camera that doesn't have a way to download onto my computer. So I snapped this picture right before the cake sold. :) I did three of these on friday, then ran out of decorating supplies so I slathered the last one in plain chocolate frosting. It was fun, just tiring. All four cakes apparently sold quickly, so that's good. :)


Angela Ackerman said...

Four cakes! AND Cookies???

Wow, you are the mom. THE MOM!

I love the carnivals and fairs. My favorite game was always the cake walk, where the winner gets to pick out a cake to take home.

Mmmm...cake. *Homer Simpson drool*

Tabitha said...

LOL!! Thanks. :)

My favorite was always the cake walk, too. But I never won. It didn't matter how long I stayed in the game. I just kept going around in circles forever. Maybe that's why I make cakes now...hmmmm. :)

Brenda said...

OMG! You go girl!

It is an unspoken rule that I am NOT to bring anything homemade to any event...

I even found a rubber stamp that says: "RELAX...I didn't bake this myself"...I buy store bought things and slap this sticker on the top of the box...just so people know it is safe to eat...grin...

PJ Hoover said...

You are amazing! Will you be in Austin in April? My birthday's at the end of the month. :)

Kelly Polark said...

YUM! Wow, you have some killer cake decorating skills!
What lucky kids you have!

And, Brenda, you are too funny!

Tabitha said...

Brenda - too funny!! :)

PJ - if I am, I promise to make you a fabulous birthday cake. :)

Kelly - our neighbor came over when I had just finished the first cake, and he said to my oldest son "you're lucky that your mom can make these kinds of cakes." My son just looked at the neighbor like "all moms do this," then he shook his head and walked away. :)

Carrie Harris said...

That cake turned out FABULOUS. I did spider web cupcakes last year, and they didn't turn out half as good as this.

Tabitha said...


Wow, cupcakes? That would be really hard, having to decorate each one. At least with a cake you just have to do one big one instead of a zillion little ones. :) I think I'd have gotten lazy and just stuck a plastic spider on each cupcake, then told the kids to imagine the spiderweb. :)

Susan York Meyers said...

What a great cake! I'm so jealous. It's all I can do to make simple frosting look nice.

God Bless,

Tabitha said...

It's just like writing: practice makes perfect. :) Just DON'T buy the tubes of pre-colored frosting with the plastic tips that screw onto the tube. The tips aren't precise enough, and there's air galore in the tubes. Bad for decorating. :)

I recommend getting real pastry bags with metal piping tips. More mess, but it makes a world of difference. Then, practice on a paper plate or something until it looks like what you want. :)