Snow Stories and Poems


Snowflakes float to the ground. One settles on my nose, a brief chill before it melts. The trees are covered in thick mounds of white, and the air feels soft and quiet.

My brother, Jordan, runs his little legs through a snow drift. He trips, landing on the white cushion blanketing the ground. His laugh tinkles through the snowflakes, bouncing off each and echoing through the air. He rolls and rolls, the snow crunching underneath. I scoop up a handful, pressing it together, adding more and more.

Jordan stands up, eyes bright and cheeks red, and runs over to help me. We push the ball around the yard, picking up more and more snow until it’s too heavy to move. Then we make another and stack that on top. And then one more and we’re done. Two shiny, black rocks for the eyes, a string of brown pebbles for the mouth, and a broken stick for his nose. Our snowman smiles down at us as Jordan wraps a scarf around his neck, the light catching his shiny eyes just right. I’d swear he just winked at me.


Icicles on my face
Snow swirls around my boots
A blizzard rages in my hollow chest
And the snow keeps on coming
When will it end?
When will it end?

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